VQM Vacuum Packaging

Take control with VQM Packaging! 

The patented vQm vacuum system is a simple, but most effective method to pack commodities in high barrier liners under vacuum condition, in any size you want!

In this way, optimum preservation conditions can be created, extending shelf-life and ensuring optimum protection.

vQm Packaging has been developed for safe storage and preservation of food and non-food products such as nuts, powders, cocoa, herbs, spices, rice, cereals, seeds, (green) coffee, tobacco and cork.

With limited investment you are able to vacuum and package any quantity of your product, even large big-bag sizes with a load-capacity up to 2,000 kg per bag.


The main advantages of the vQm system:

  • ultimate protection
  • extended shelf-life
  • stable moisture content
  • avoid mold and fungus growth
  • Insect treatment possible
  • Reduced breakage
  • Retains flavors, aroma's and color
  • Lower storage costs
  • no re-infestation of insects
  • lower storage costs
  • flushing with inert gas (MAP)
  • any size up to 2,000 ltr


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