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"This is too simple to be true" is a reaction we often get. Indeed, the principle of creating vacuum through a valve is not new. We can tell you all the hurdles we had to overcome to get to where we are now. But indeed, the basic idea is not too complicated. That is also how we like to help our customers; keep solutions simple, effective and flexible. Our solution should always be very easy to integrate into your production process and/or logistics. Think smart and stay ahead!

The patented vQm vacuum system is a smart and most effective method to pack commodities in high barrier liners under vacuum condition. In this way, optimum preservation conditions can be created, extending shelf-life and ensuring optimum protection.

vQm Packaging has been developed for safe storage and preservation of food and non-food products such as nuts, powders, cocoa, herbs, spices, rice, cereals, seeds, (green) coffee, tobacco, cork and many more. With limited investment you are able to vacuum and package any quantity of your product, even large big-bag sizes with a load-capacity up to 2,000 kg per bag.

vQm Packaging is a proud member of:

The CA Technology Group

Over 40 years of experience in changing atmospheres.

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