Drum/barrel/pail liners

  • vQm Drum/barrel/pail liners

Product description

For optimum preservation ánd easy re-use of drums, barrels or pails

Our flexible round liners have a unique round bottom that is sealed in a leak/vacuum-proof manner. The liners can be supplied with an open top or a bottle neck for easy filling.

The optional inclusion of the two-way valve of vQm, allows dry commodities/powders to be kept under modified atmosphere (in combination with the High Speed vQm Unit).

In this way, you can preserve your commodity under (extreme) vacuum (< 25 hpa), or (ultra-low) oxygen (< 1%) or e.g. high CO2 to eradicate infestation and/or prevent development of mold.  

Round bottom liners can be supplied in various types of film such as (barrier) extruded plastic (up to 7 layers, 200µ) or aluminum laminates in various diameter & height.

Suitable for packaging of powders, liquids, pastes or granulates. BRC Food Safety Certified

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