Impulse sealer

  • vQm Impulse sealer

Product description

The combination of the generator together with impulse tong is a mobile and easy to handle sealing unit. The sealing impulse is produced in the generator and the sealing is done with the sealing tong, which is connected to the generator

The sealing tong is heated on both sides so that also thick films of 2 x 0,025 up to 2 x 0,4 mm (PE) can be sealed with this equipment. The sealing pressure is achieved by a built-in spring. so that the pressure and the quality of the sealing tong can be used for sealing at the edge of the film-material.

Technical specifications:

Sealing length    340 - 640 mm

Sealing width                    3 mm

Power supply        230 V - 50Hz

Weight tong                      7,0 kg

Cable length                          5 m

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