Food commoditieshighly protected and safe

suitable for these commodities

  • vQm Cacoa


  • vQm Rice


  • vQm Coffee


  • vQm Peanuts


  • vQm Pistachios


  • vQm Almonds


  • vQm Nuts


  • vQm Cashew nuts

    Cashew nuts

  • vQm Dried fruit

    Dried fruit

  • vQm Wheat


  • vQm Pecan nuts

    Pecan nuts

  • vQm Tea


  • vQm Dried garlic

    Dried garlic

  • vQm Hazelnuts


  • vQm Dried onions

    Dried onions

  • vQm Dried chili

    Dried chili

  • vQm (baby) milkpowder

    (baby) milkpowder

How we preserve food

The patented vQm packaging system is a simple method to pack commodities in high barrier lines under vacuum or hermetic conditions. This method is the perfect solution for protection and storage of dried food commodities like nuts, dehydrated fruit, powders, grain, coffee, rice, tea, cocao, herbs, you name it! Storing commodities with vQm Packaging can stop oxidation and funghi development, kill all insects and preserve optimal moisture content, aromas, and flavour!

In this way optimal preservation conditions can be created, extending shelf-life and ensuring optimal protection. 

these ‘guys’ make it possible

a unique  patended valve

a unique patended valve

More about the valve
and this impressive little machine

and this impressive little machine

More about the machine
wide spectrum of liners

wide spectrum of liners

More about the liners

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