Mighty choice of liners

vQm - Mighty choice of liners

The bags used for the vQm Packaging system are made from high barrier materials. vQm offers you tailor-made bag sizes. Our big-bags have a load capacity of up to 2,000 liters per bag!

You can combine vQm liners with any other form of standard packaging that you and your customers are used to. Our liners can be made to fit your cartons, octabins, big bags, crates, bins etc. But you can also vacuum pack stacks of smaller bags on the pallet: Bag-in-Bag.

Some of the possibilities

  • vQm FIBC wrapping liners

    FIBC wrapping liners

  • vQm Aluminum liners

    Aluminum liners

  • vQm Cartons with liners (C48)

    Cartons with liners (C48)

  • vQm High barrier liners

    High barrier liners

  • vQm Bag-in-bag


  • vQm Octabins


  • vQm FIBC Quadro

    FIBC Quadro

These 'guys' make it possible

a unique patented valve

a unique patented valve

more about the valve
and this impressive little machine

and this impressive little machine

more about the machine

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