easy handlingwith vacuum pressed bales

Some of its many applications

  • vQm Cotton & textile

    Cotton & textile

  • vQm Net bags

    Net bags

  • vQm Cut-rag tobacco

    Cut-rag tobacco

  • vQm Trash


  • vQm (Down) feathers

    (Down) feathers

  • vQm Mattresses


  • vQm Wool & thread

    Wool & thread

Vacuum pressed bale packaging

Packing your voluminous products in vacuum bales saves huge amounts of money and time. Vacuum bales can reduce the volume of your product up to 85%. The square shape of the bale makes loading and unloading easy and quick. vQm packaging does not only save you money, it is also very good for the environment! Improve your company's CO2 footprint today!

Other advantages of vQm Packaging:

  • Keeps moisture outside
  • Prevents funghi development
  • No odour/smell influence
  • No cartons required
  • No intrusive influence from external environment
  • Flushing with N2 or CO2 possible

these ‘guys’ make it possible

a unique patended valve

a unique patended valve

More about the valve
and this impressive little machine

and this impressive little machine

More about the machine

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